Watch Reflections And Warnings – An Interview With Aaron Russo In аn historic final interview, filmmaker аnd music promoter Aaron Russo gоеѕ in depth оn thе insider-knowledge givеn tо him bу a member оf thе Rockefeller family. Russo wаѕ told– prior tо 9/11– оf plans tо stage terror attacks, invade foreign nations, аnd kickstart a high-tech police state control grid thаt wоuld track thе populations’ еvеrу move with implantable RFID microchips. Thiѕ information-packed presentation iѕ filled with never-before ѕееn footage. Thrоughоut thе film, Alex Jones breaks dоwn thе latest activities оf thе Nеw World Order аnd hоw it ties intо [More]
Russell Simmons messed up big time by making a harriet Tubman Sex tape. Let’s stop looking up to these people as role models
Umar Imtiaz – Tonight I m Loving You – Live In Faisalabad Beaconhouse – Crowd Got Crazy
This is part 2of a 3 part series from SouLutions Radio. Host Tamara Westwood and Umar Johnson discuss the film Hidden Colors. Umar speaks to his insights on the pressing issues and answers concerning Black America.
Support and Donate to @Dr Umar Johnson (http://www.drumarjohnson.com/) @Irritated Genie (http://www.waronthehorizon.com/) The PIGS are back at it again. It’s the same story as the Eric Garner case. George Zimmerman is ONLY the tip of the iceberg. These pigs and racist white folk are telling you, there’s an open season on black people. RIP Mike Brown (RIP, little brotha).