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Watch Reflections And Warnings – An Interview With Aaron Russo In аn historic final interview, filmmaker аnd music promoter Aaron Russo gоеѕ in depth оn thе insider-knowledge givеn tо him bу a member оf thе Rockefeller family. Russo wаѕ told– prior tо 9/11– оf plans tо stage terror attacks, invade foreign nations, аnd kickstart a […]

Mark Dice makes a few more points about the reptilian elite conspiracy theory. Video by Mark Dice. http://www.Facebook.com/MarkDice http://www.Twitter.com/Ma…

Xx4resHPrinc3xX LMAO!!! 10:53 ..... how he turns "OMG"

slenderman rain well the illuminati contains aliens...lizard people....devil and barak Obama so he means the lizard people are into illuminati trying to take over the world (just like hitler lol) new world order

Oscar Dee Lots of denial from many good people. If aliens were real and they're coming from outer space, we'd see them coming thousands of miles away and if they were coming here, there would be falling out of the skies. Statistics can be manipulated. Any statistics that is + or - 2.5 can be manipulated for there needs. 

Giorgio4M The best joke ever reptilian and the elite hahahahaha super fake davis icke is gay and fake and reptilians halfbreeds don t exist hahahahaha #manbearpig i m super serial 

William Neibarger Let every man be a liar and God be the truth. This is why so many are lead astray. Study the lie they can make new lies up. Study the truth and youll know when the lie comes.

‘Digital Tattoo’ Unlocks Phone – Mark of the Beast Prototype by Motorola for Moto X *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in…

Serj Star Your a dumbass this is not the mark of the beast

komandrew This has nothing to do with the mark of the beast. Beast in bible prophecy is a kingdom according to Daniel chapter 7. This mark is on the hand OR forehead meaning they wont care if you follow them with just your acts(hand) or just agree with them intellectually(forehead) God's mark says on the hand AND forehead. Check out the Papacy with their coming Sunday worship law, in which they will not allow Anyone to buy or sell on Sundays. God bless you all. If you really want to look into what the mark of the beast is, look up "the crime of the antichrist" Walter J Veith. Great biblical interpretation

2narcissa WOW . Presumably the implant comes with an infection riak,I don't doubt there will be a release of liability to prevent lawsu it's from infection or allergic reactions also. This is advancing radically and all pervasive

Puala Daen mark of the beast.....DICE

Rafael Beltran Great stuff.

Young Americans think President John F. Kennedy Died THIS MORNING IN A CAR ACCIDENT!!! Filmed in San Diego, California. Subscribe to http://www.YouTube.com/M…

Nuniya Bisnez 3:51 ...Future used car salesman.

KoschKoff ... You know, I'm not the smartest guy in my circle but for some reason I feel like Einstein right now. XD For crying out loud, where do they find these morons?

Godless Conservative Libertarian Do I really occupy the same world as these idiots?

Donna W Oh Lord. These people vote. Well, I guess that's why we have the douche-bag we have now

Tony Brown These people are so wrapped up in their acts, do they all want to be movie stars or something? 3:38 "I think he's an interesting character..." Slow down, boyo, you're not on Jay Leno yet.

A letter has surfaced claimed to be written by a former music executive who says he witnessed a secret meeting in 1991 where the prison industrial complex en…

jungletiger911 This explains why so many talentless rap crappers are famous with NO talent. Bunch of thugs and ghetto gangsta's ..... LOSERS in society. Rap is crap, all intelligent people know this ....

Akill Allah If someone was genuinely concerned about the issue, they wouldn't give a damn whether the letter was authentic or not. That is beside the point. You can verify what was being talked about without that letter. For those who really live hip hop and have watched this unfold for the last 20 years, we know that this whole issue being addressed is very real. Ain't no more cotton or sugar cane to pick so what are they gonna do with their negros? Criminalize them and put them on probation or in prison. Fuel the ignorant young mind with negative influences and let the whole thing unfold. No more Public Ememy, no more Brand Nubian, no more X Clan. I know these groups still exist but I used to hear them on the radio. Wonder what happened to that? And why?

soundmixer It's true. Type in 'Kids for Cash.' There are several videos about it.

trufe4 Fake ass born-again Nick Swardson. Go quarantine yourself in your little church everyday so us sane people can live our lives. its so much nicer on sunday when the nuts are locked up.

OperatorV 1.0 +papzproductionz

College Students Sign Petition to Imprison All Gun Owners. Shot in San Diego, California. Political prankster Mark Dice tells some of the students signing th…

ItsjustXo College students like to think that they're so smart just because they're in university. Truth is, most of them are clueless as fuck. At least that last guy in the video had the decency to say that he was too ill informed to sign 

Brahm Zuckerman People are so stupid that it's dangerous. They actually signed a petition supporting a Nazi regime. 

Kevin Miller There is a small flip side to this, it was done in California if it were done in Idaho say NIC (north Idaho collage) it would be a completely different video. one could technically get different results in many different places. Guns 2016

Jacob Swann From my cold dead fucking hands.

Godless Conservative Libertarian Its mostly dumb foreigners who should not even be here signing these fake petitions.

Weird Al Yankovic Exposes Illuminati in Music Video “Foil,” a Parody of Lorde’s Royals. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, poli…

ReeseMac It really was a surprising turn in the video when he went from singing about foil (assuming it was another song about food) to singing about tin foil hat wearers and the illuminati. Weird Al stepped up his parody game.

ping oh' It's interesting. If you break the video down it's like in three parts. In the first part he's just a regular pop culture guy singing about nothing important, the second part is where the symbolism and evil imagery comes in, then the third part he's a conspiracy theorist trying to warn people about what's going on.

Bob A. Booey Howard Stern is the king of Illuminati. WAKE UP SHEEPLE 

123cserpent Yes because everything is a conspiracy. 

Jeffrey Wells weird al did not make an anti illuminati video. his video makes fun of "tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists". it's nothing special. usual main stream dialogue stuff.