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Watch Reflections And Warnings – An Interview With Aaron Russo In аn historic final interview, filmmaker аnd music promoter Aaron Russo gоеѕ in depth оn thе insider-knowledge givеn tо him bу a member оf thе Rockefeller family. Russo wаѕ told– prior tо 9/11– оf plans tо stage terror attacks, invade foreign nations, аnd kickstart a […]

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Guns & Roses Guitarist Slash Illuminati Johnny Come Lately. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertaining and education…

christopher alexander That top hat he wears is masonic worshipful master sign 

777krackers Its Axel Rose who I can't stand, he is a skid mark in the underpants of society, a guy who cannot conduct a rock concert without getting nicked off at audience member and getting violent, he thinks he is so good, even plastic surgery has made his looks worse. This Guy needs to bow before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and repent and get saved!!

UNRAVELING THE MATRIX It is clearly obvious that Mark just used clebs to draw in the numbers. Guns and roses have been gone for years. Axel Rose wrote the lyrics anyway. Constantly insulting everyone in my opinion is not a good way to attract fans Mark. Who says Mark Isn't the Illuminati? Who ever was the video director of that Slash video chose that. I highly doubt that Slash himself put that in there himself.

SkinGrindCleaver hasn't rock music always used satanic and horror imagery though, it's pretty tongue in cheek kinda stuff really.

Marcelino Garcia First

Scarlett Johansson ‘Lucy” Film Illuminati Transhumanist Propaganda *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertaining…

MetaphorInVain Btw, Mark. You talk about the "general public" being zombies. Who the fuck are you to speak really? I myself am one of those you would consider a zombie as I think you belong in an insane asylum, but still do way more kind things to those in need. How much do you actually do to help those in need? 

SubliminalOrigami As long as his 'Becoming a God' doesn't effect me I don't give a shit... I get the feeling they'll go quietly into a virtual reality system and vanish from human affairs, they might even go 'off world'.

TheRockyCrowe No..not every little thing hinted at gaining higher knowledge is transhumanist. I agree with your last review about Transcendence but this one?? Naw. The message behind this movie is (basically) open your mind to a higher level than what society is indoctrinated into. Everyday from childhood to adult we are spoonfed bullshit by school systems and college that is of no use to help us evolve our minds and spirits to a higher level of conciousness. Everything on this Earth has an electromagnetic and spiritual field that a very small percentage of the human population knows how to control or 'tap into' with their mind(the percent that CAN do this are often spiritually connected - Mostly monks, Yogi's, psychics, wiccans & lucid dreamers). We can achieve this NOW without technology.

Bighead So obvious this movie: Lucy-fer. New Age; Old Lie. Some trick. Devil is one trick pony. People please see through this. Ask in prayer, for the Holy Spirit. And study your bible. Satan's plan is to hypnotize YOU. Romans 1:28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. Your Name must be written in the BOOK OF LIFE. Or you will receive the MARK OF THE BEAST. Hypnotize people can not be SEALED by God to be SAVED. Be Ye Sober. Don't watch this movie or watch it with criticism. Why must you die? CHOOSE LIFE. GOOD JOB MARK!

oxygeninterface the first time satan tempted humanity with god-hood, they became animals. the second time they will become machines. the end result is always the same: one's humanity is forfeited... sacrificed on an alter of lust, greed, and pride. truth be told, our "evolution" into machines is just the consummation of the subversive plan satan began in the garden. our bodies will now become depraved, completing the degenerative work that satan incepted within our hearts and our minds long ago.

The Illuminati Fad: Celebrity Conspiracy Theories in Pop Culture Explained. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertainin…

Tdub37 Illuminati dont even use the eye in the pyramid when researched deep its just the Freemasons who use it.

FaTs LoS AngeLeS Mark dice is illuminati...he twisting your mind up people.

Jordan S Benjamin This is your best video yet without a doubt, bonus on the 'heaven on earth' reference.

Amber Jones I love god not evil :-)

goribaba wow, today i actually read some idiot wrote that jesus himself is satan. sheesh.. http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/0/4355/1145798-941670_937204_facepalm_implied_super_super.jpg 

serguei07 Vraiment inquiétant , et une fois de plus la vie du grand nombre ne pèse pas lourd face à la course au profit d'une certaine "élite" sans le moindre scrupule !

(reapwhatyousow74) His Failed Predictions!! …and False Claims! You think Alex Jones’ Y2K predictions were bad? Cooper’s were WORSE! and beyond stupid. Two …

KennedyFilmsKWWFP My cousin was shot by the driver. It is most doubtful that he was secret service unless they planted on of their people inside it which wouldn't be that hard. JFK was shot by the driver! Sincerely, John Kennedy cousin of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Jeff The Watchman @Lepiratepoulpe Thank you thank you thank you! Exactly right. It is an elitist mind set to think you have the inside info, and even more damning that he was teaching out of the very same books written by Satanist and Luciferians. It's the same as with the Satanists themselves, only the same trap is used on TRUTH seekers which are lured into these lies, with much truth as the bait! Thanks again Lepiratepoulpe !!! Great comment.

Jeff The Watchman @oppressednation Exactly

Jeff The Watchman @LoveJoyPeaceComfort LOL Oh well a number is just a number. Funny stuff hehe

Jeff The Watchman @TheHammerheart Just another BS con-artist!

This is the second MB series as designated by Bill himself – will upload the full series over the next few weeks. After this one, series Mystery Babylon III….

Inthebelly Ofthebeast What number was this episode on hour of the time?

Inthebelly Ofthebeast Do you have the first easter episode from hour of the time that bill mentions at the beginning of the show?