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Watch Reflections And Warnings – An Interview With Aaron Russo In аn historic final interview, filmmaker аnd music promoter Aaron Russo gоеѕ in depth оn thе insider-knowledge givеn tо him bу a member оf thе Rockefeller family. Russo wаѕ told– prior tо 9/11– оf plans tо stage terror attacks, invade foreign nations, аnd kickstart a […]

The 9/11 plan – Bill Cooper Speaks Out: THE INTRODUCTION A video by xendrius. SHORT-EASY-TO-SHARE VIDEO. Make copies with different names. Please FAVORITE , …

Yrrab nesjen people dont want to wake up..that means they gotto face reality, dreaming is better

Zurnmusic bill was the real deal. got killed for it too.

serbbandit word up

BudWiser999 VERITAS

tjcombo84 Till this day, i havn't heared of a man as straight forward as bill. No body knows everything, but this man was the closest to it. Alex Jones, i listen to you you, must admit you do tell some great stuff, like DC madam and a lot more, but after these 8 years, i find you as a totally dis-info agent.

Milton William Cooper was an American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and author best known for his 1991 book, Behold a Pale Horse, in which he claim…

chngdman Killed by police after he said this? He was probably IN ON IT.

Johnny Graf This guy is a modern day Prophet.

gjgjkg Yes it really is such a huge shame that he's gone. He's definitely needed today more than ever to cut through the huge level of deception and bullshit that most people fall for today. There really is nobody close to BC today, only obvious disinfo agents such as alex jones and mark dice

Alvaro C He is the originitor, the founder of the movement,one of the greatest mind you will learn from.

Claudia Buchta Truth!!! They silenced him because he exposed them!

I uploaded a better quality version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtM5oeesi_4 William Cooper was a former naval officer, decorated veteran, short wave…

Kody Hummer I believe what I say.

5Dvisions Thank You Bill and you guys 4 keeping it up!! Respect

bernard mendez Opinion,Speculation,Commentary: Their is some truth to his view about matters he climbed the Intell. mountain only to find may conflicts and descrepency's, he began to see threw the lies, he died before his time.. UFOQandA.com

Sophia Cleareyes Watching the ending, I agree that no one can take Bill Cooper's place as far as he pushed the line. None of the conspiracy con people or any other people come close to Bill Cooper. One World government has crept in and it will soon be here if it isn't already. The things that go on behind closed doors is disgusting. A few families and secret societies pulling the strings is right. As a Canadian I can feel us going down the tubes also. It isn't just America.Cowardly I fear for all our kids.

augreich William Cooper has to be one of the Greatest Americans of our time. He understood exactly the corrupt system that has usurped The Constitution of the United States. Unfortunately he predicted his own death on the Alex Jones show stating that "he'll state the civil war on his door step." Which is were he was shot. If you haven't watched his speech in Lansing, MI please due.

Anyone have the FULL 3 hour AJ Y2K show? Let me know. Hour of the Time Broadcasts January 4-6, 2000. Full shows,edited out the copyrighted music. Alex Jones…

HaywiredPoet Bill Cooper is over reacting with what Alex said because Bill Cooper was having a bad day and was also grouchy about being kicked off for cursing too much, being rude to the staff, and belittling people. Re hear what Cooper is claiming and re hear what Alex actually said. Alex never says they have launched like Cooper says. Alex says they are setting up and MAY launch. Thats whats wrong with people who search for the truth and know the truth, they get a HUGE ego and think everyone is below them. It is super easy to fall into this trap of egotism and the belittling of the human race you are so fighting for. It can happen to anyone. After listening to some Bill Cooper broadcasts, I have to say, he is not some perfect apple eater like everyone wants to think he was. He also agreed with some callers' claims that were random and Bill rolled with it without thinking of presenting any evidence to the viewer based on what the caller said. That can be called "sensational" as well. Its all about picking at the the problems that do not matter which is what the NWO wants. They dont want the 2 recess school monitor leaders of the playground to be working together, they want them to be pointing the finger at each other trying to create seperatism so they can get the teachers to pass new rules preventing the kids from doing what it is they want. Like Bill Cooper has said many times, you have got to be better wake up because it is right in front of your face. Have compassion or die souless. 

slQueenBluestar An alert Public is a Healthy Public. The message is not the messenger. Passion comes with energy to pass along. Editing=Interests of the editor prevail...

energyvortex1000 unfucking real....let it go....let the dead bury the dead.

slQueenBluestar You do not sound confident. Your voice halts all the time. Lies do not engage confidence. Emphasis of emotive terms, without proof, is derisory. 

Matt et Jenny .“Matt and Jenny on the Wilderness Trail”Canada – 1974 .26 X 25 min .Diffusée pour la première fois en France à partir du 7 Janvier 1981 sur TF1 .Générique interprété par Isabelle Peruzat .

darkom le bon vieux tps

yasmine138 trop bon son

mazmani a lancienne

missmel51 a l ancienne hella matt jtador tro bonne music

Matt Drudge creator and editor of the Drudge Report makes a rare appearance at Q&A session conducted at the National Press Club on June 2, 1998.

Christian Liberty notice how jealously the establishment press attacks an outsider, like a cartel trying to keep out new competition.

Heraclitean Gotta love this performance. He's dressed like, and talks with the cadence of, a 1940s newsman. And his critics here miss the point. It ain't WHAT Drudge reports, it's HOW he reports it - his sensationalized headlines. That's the "yellow" of his journalism.

LarkaSojourn A smile on his face, a spring in his step, twelve respectable rounds in the deadpan face of contemptible silence. Matt Drudge off the chain, the others? ..well.

Gilemena What year was this?

suvariboy Drudge is Kappo Sludge.

Matt Drudge creator and editor of the Drudge Report makes a rare appearance at Q&A session conducted at the National Press Club on June 2, 1998.

DemonNoles7 Great man

Obamacare – War Of Words – Matt Drudge & WH In Twitter War Over HC Law – On The Record Obamacare – War Of Words – Matt Drudge & WH In Twitter War Ove…

So I bought the Magicjack and took it out of the box. I attempted to plug it in and ran into my first problem. I got on the phone with their IT support and they worked me through the issue. Watch this video and I’ll tell you the rest.

cvlastaris The magic Jack itself is indeed a magic thing.An excellent product..and I think that the product does not need any technical support..Jujging from my own experience,excellent product.It worked right out of the box the very first time. But the technical support reps??some of them are very very good..but some others.They really should be doing something else fr living..anyway,I think all the complains are result of our ignorance..We do not do what it should be done and we experience problems.most of the time.we connect the wrong wires..at least..I know someone who did exactly that..me.. Instead of connecting the phone to the MJ I was connecting the MJ with the land line..and that caused...you guessed it right.a lot of anger..aggrivation..It was a very simple thing..Now all is OK.I hope we will soon get a number for Canada..

jack5225a It's great your experience was so positive. Mine was completely negative and after spending an actual 3 hours and 55 minutes trying to get it working, I gave up. Customer service is really bad. They are totally distracted and ask the same questions again and again and ask you to do the same tasks over and over again. Typically, after responding to their question you wait as much as 2 minutes for them. My computer is respectable at 3.4GH CPU and 1 GB ram, but the "my computer" freezes everytime MagicJack is plugged in. I am not a novice, I operate my own servers and have 100 web domains. Maybe I got the only bad one out of the millions and millions sold, but it does not work for me and I wasted 4 hours with their customer service. I only hope Staples will be good enough to give me a refund.